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Promotion of your business through listings, the web and advertisements. The Travel Planner, sent to over 30,000 interested tourists annually, is a travel-sized detailed book containing all Chamber members. Advertising in the Travel Planner, and the chamber web site is organized in house. Sent to tourists and travel groups, your listing or ad details the services that you provide on Block Island.
You will also be listed on the web site.

Wedding related businesses can take advantage of our Wedding Planner, which is sent along with our Travel Planner to those planning a wedding on Block Island. Photographers, florists, and entertainment are some of the businesses highlighted in this brochure.

Through a special insurance rate membership, businesses and individuals can enroll in medical and dental programs provided by different insurance groups at competitive rates. (401) 942-0966 Ext 101 or Email: Chamber office is a mecca for tourist information. The blue & white information sign just outside our doorway attracts many tourists into our office. Once inside, they browse through our selection of brochures provided by Chamber members. Coupons, sale announcements, flyers, and menus are all welcome and we encourage all members to take advantage of this advertising opportunity.

Open year round, the Chamber office is staffed with trained tourist counselors. During the winter, the counselors send information to travel agencies, tourists, and groups interested in visiting Block Island. We also publicize Island events promoting a healthy business climate for the summer season to come. In the Spring and Fall, we host various events aimed at highlighting the services of Chamber members and expanding the shoulder season. And finally, during the busy summer months, inquiries of all sorts are handled by our staff. Referrals of hotels, inns, B&B’s, restaurants, and retail shops are provided daily.

Our Monthly meetings are hosted by Chamber members which provide an opportunity for member involvement with important issues and decisions. Keeping everyone informed on important economic issues of concern as well as community events is one of the Chamber’s goals.

Become a Chamber member and join 230 businesses and individuals who value our services.

Members joining solely for insurance benefits enjoy a reduced membership rate.

Members are entitled to a free listing on the Chamber of Commerce web site and in the Travel Planner.

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