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Pool Services

JPS Pool Service

Serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island, including Block Island and Connecticut, JPS Pool Service stands ready to provide exceptional pool maintenance for the swimming pool at your home or on your commercial property. Whether it’s a high-end vacation resort, hotel, apartment complex or a private residence, JPS Pool Service can provide pool cleaning, repair and maintenance of pools anywhere in RI.



Phone (401)-230-3493



Drizzle Pool Services LLC

Drizzle Pool Service LLC is one of the premier providers of pool services, equipment, and renovations on Block Island. 

Drizzle Pool Services LLC was formed to initially provide pool owners on Block Island with a cost-effective alternative to accessing pool services within the confines of the Island. 

With our commitment to excellent service and quality, we deliver above and beyond services to surpass the expectations of our clientele.

With the imminent goal to strive for success, we will endeavor to position Drizzle Pool Services LLC as the premier provider of 'All Things Pool' on Block Island. 


Phone (401)-284-6998


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