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Farmer Florist 

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself: Where you grew up, went to school, what you were interested in?


A: I grew up in Connecticut, and having both of my parents as artists encouraged me to explore anything creative! I gravitated towards studio arts which evolved into mixed media as I got older. My parents also encouraged spending time in and learning about nature, which led to my curiosity of hiking and camping and traveling. I graduated from the School of Art and Architecture at UCLA, focusing on studio arts and minoring in arts education. 


Q. Tell us about your life experience, the places you've lived and what your work experience has been like?


A: Moving out to California opened up my world and activated a curiosity for traveling. After college, I spent most of my 20's traveling and experimenting with different lifestyles; from camping and hiking in Hawaii, to working in the garden and botanical design industry in San Francisco, to exploring the entire West Coast in my cabover camper. It led me to deepening my curiosity of the plant world, and that's where my interest in farming surfaced. While living in Mendocino, CA my husband and I were asked to help launch a hotel that offered a farm-to-table production for their kitchen. I led that project, which evolved into growing flowers and offering floral design to our wedding clients. Growing and designing flowers are a perfect emergence of my love of growing and the arts, along with mindful living. 


Q. How did you get acquainted with Block Island? When did you first visit?


A: My parents introduced my family to the island as kids, and they eventually were able to buy a property. I was able to work over the summers and like most, fell in love with the island quickly! I met my husband on Block Island as summer workers, and funny enough, my first job as a teen was at Goose and Garden-which is where I run my growing production now.


Q. When did you found The Farmer Florist? Can you tell us what you and what your company do and who your customer base is?


A: I launched The Farmer Florist in 2019-I'm now approaching my third year .. Camaraderie and community support are really important to me, as well as etiquette. So being a new business in a small town, I did my best to approach everyone in the industry and diversify my services-offer my florals in a way that's different than the existing businesses. This creates respect and abundance for everyone as well as creative offers to clients! I grow using environmentally mindful farming practices and distribute through a Flower CSA, a weekly bouquet subscription as well as a seed-to-stem floral service for small events and elopements. I also offer flower pop-ups, specializing in flower crown workshops. I'm beginning to focus on flower crown workshops as bachelorette &  birthday parties and offer a packaged experience by including a styled photoshoot with Seas Mtns Co and a creative & delicious lunch with Persephone's Kitchen.

My clients usually prioritize locally sourced and an unconventional and colorful aesthetic.


Q. What do you find attractive about doing business on Block Island?


A: I love the community support on island, personally and among businesses! Also, most visitors on Block Island feel a special connection here, and I love providing something that is truly of the island. In a world where the local movement is on the rise, it's important to apply those practices however we can!

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