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Block Island Recycling Management


Address: 14 West Beach Road, Block Island, RI

In the containers bin

Tin, aluminum and scrap metal: Aluminum and tin cans, foil, pie plates and empty aerosol canisters.

Glass, bottles and jars: Wine, beer, liquor and soda bottles, glass water bottles and glass jars. Please remove metal lids.

Plastic bottles and jugs: Containers up to 5 gallons, bottles (soda, shampoo, water), jugs (milk, juice, detergent), jars (mayo, peanut butter, jelly), tubs (butter, ice cream, margarine), plastic take-out containers, iced coffee cups, yogurt containers, plastic egg cartons. No plastic bags or foam containers.

Milk cartons and drink boxes: Milk and juice cartons, juice boxes, flavored-milk boxes and cream and creamer containers.

In the paper and cardboard bin

Mixed paper: Mail, envelopes, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, paper bags, shredded paper, paperback books, writing and computer paper.

Thin cardboard: Cereal boxes, show boxes, pizza boxes, paper egg containers, gift boxes and paper towel and toilet paper rolls

Newsprint: All newspaper, advertising and inserts.

Corrugated cardboard: All boxes and other corrugated cardboard, smooth on the outside, wavy in the middle.

For a complete list of Trash Do's and Don't's visit the website.


B.I.R.M. Trash and Recyclable Pick-Up Have your household or business trash and recyclables removed weekly, for the summer, or just schedule a one-time pick-up B.I.R.M. provides trash and recyclable pickup for homes and businesses.

Household Trash - Recyclables - Contractor Trash - Appliances - Electronics...and more



Phone: (401) 466-2864

McPick Trash Removal 

McPick is here with your trash service needs on Block Island 

(401) 824-9045


Waste Management

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